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Denver National Quilt Festival

Once upon a time I read Karen McTavish’s book: Quilting for Show.  In this book she describes the feeling of being awarded a ribbon at a quilt show.

Up until last week, I didn’t know how this feeling felt.

Now I do.

So last week I was mowing the lawn.  We have a very old Snapper lawn mover given to me from my Grandmother.  I was puttering around the lawn and I saw the UPS truck drive up.

As soon as I saw the box, I knew that it was The Duchess, coming back from the Denver National Quilt Festival IV.  Judging on how quickly it shipped back from me, I really wasn’t expecting anything in the box other than my quilt.

I jump off my lawn mower and take the box in my kitchen.  After opening it with my dull kitchen scissors, I looked inside the box and thought “This is not my quilt.”

I was thinking this because The Duchess is a WHITE wholecloth quilt.  I was seeing a color other than white.  I was seeing BLUE!

Looking closer, I finally saw that it was a ribbon.  It was a first place, blue ribbon for machine quilting.  YAY! Wow!  Yay!

I can’t describe what it felt like when I realized what I was seeing.  I can’t describe what it felt like to open my box and find this inside.  I cried.  I danced.  I hyperventelated.  I cried some more.

Winning a ribbon, whether it’s a first place, or a honorable mention, it doesn’t matter.  It’s about validation.  I finally feel like my work, my talent, is validated.  I have honest proof that I’m as good as people have been telling me.

After winning this ribbon I suddenly started seeing things differently.

This was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.  It makes he most sense to me to focus my attention on helping other women (and men) win ribbons as well.

It makes sense to start teaching.  It’s more than making sense, it’s what I feel DRIVEN to do.

Is it easy? No.

I’ve spent last 2 years building an online skin care business.  I can’t just throw it in the trash, but I know where my attention needs to be, and it needs to be on quilting.

It’s time to get started teaching.  I’m ready to take this step.

To moving beyond,



One Response

  1. Absolutely FANTASTIC! I remember the first time I ever got an article published in a national paper. I was hyperventilating too. I thought it was a one-off, but I wrote another article, and it got published too. Interestingly, I’d run in our Federal election here in Canada as a Green Party candidate, coming in 4th in a field of 5 candidates, but happy I’d been able to raise my percentage of the popular vote from the previous election I’d run in. The article I wrote serendipitously got published the day after the election. So my name was in the paper that day in the pages and pages of candidates and election results, and then on the back of the front section with a BYLINE. A BYLINE I tell you. That, to me, was like your blue ribbon. I didn’t even care about the election results that day… I realized then that I was born to be a writer.

    I just wrote a new article and submitted it to the New York Times and Washington Post for a laugh… I feel like those publications are out of my league, but you never know unless you try.

    Congrats on the ribbon, and I’m so sorry your follow up experience with the next quilt show was not as thrilling. Just remember that feeling of opening the box and seeing blue next time you are sad. It’s a great pick-me-up!

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