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New You Tube Video

How to Piece Perfect QuiltsI’ve just gotten a new You Tube Video uploaded.  This video is special because it’s actually a sample video from my new Ebook and Video set “Stitch it Up a Notch: How To Piece Perfect Quilts.

This set is devoted to all things piecing!  I pieced 15 blue and white 9 patch quilts, over 100 9 patch blocks for the making of this project.  I don’t think I will ever look at a 9 patch block the same way again.

But making all of those quilts was necessary.  I really wanted to show not just how to piece, but how to plan and design a quilt from start to finish.  I focus on sashing, or the space between your quilt blocks, as an excellent area to create designs in the quilting process by widening this area and leaving more space between your blocks.

Quilting Beyond the DitchThe great thing about having 15 quilts, is that now I have to quilt them all!  My next ebook and video series will be “Stitch it Up a Notch: Quilting Beyond the Ditch.”  It should be finished by November 2009.

So here’s the newest video:  This is a sample video on Paper Piecing.


Leah Day


Uggh! Sick in October

Yep, I’ve gotten sick for the first time in three years.  It doesn’t help that I’m right in the middle of a million things and super busy trying to do them all at once.  I guess it’s just my body reminding me that I’m not superwomen no matter how much I want to be!

Lately I’ve been struggling with my photo taking.  I actually have several quilts ready to sell, but the photos keep coming out so lousy I haven’t bothered to post them.  Why couldn’t I just make earrings? They would be so easy to photograph!

Oh well, I guess I’ll give it another go tonight. If at first we don’t succeed, try and try again.