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New You Tube Video

How to Piece Perfect QuiltsI’ve just gotten a new You Tube Video uploaded.  This video is special because it’s actually a sample video from my new Ebook and Video set “Stitch it Up a Notch: How To Piece Perfect Quilts.

This set is devoted to all things piecing!  I pieced 15 blue and white 9 patch quilts, over 100 9 patch blocks for the making of this project.  I don’t think I will ever look at a 9 patch block the same way again.

But making all of those quilts was necessary.  I really wanted to show not just how to piece, but how to plan and design a quilt from start to finish.  I focus on sashing, or the space between your quilt blocks, as an excellent area to create designs in the quilting process by widening this area and leaving more space between your blocks.

Quilting Beyond the DitchThe great thing about having 15 quilts, is that now I have to quilt them all!  My next ebook and video series will be “Stitch it Up a Notch: Quilting Beyond the Ditch.”  It should be finished by November 2009.

So here’s the newest video:  This is a sample video on Paper Piecing.


Leah Day


Hand Piecing Hexagons On Vacation

Vacations can be really tough on a machine quilter.  It’s really unfair that those hand quilters have such small, portable projects they can take anywhere with them.

So this past week when faced with the prospect of 7 full days away from my sewing machine, I decided to break down and try hand piecing.  And it actually wasn’t that bad!

For my traveling project I decided to start working on a traditional 1930s Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt.  In case you’ve never seen one of these beauties, these quilts are entirely constructed from hexagon shaped blocks.

Little did I know, but hexagons are actually easier to piece by hand than by machine.  You have to stitch from dot to dot, not edge to edge like most blocks are pieced.  Because it’s too tricky to chain piece dot to dot, it’s actually much faster to hand piece while you’re driving down the road.

I was also thoroughly shocked by how quickly this pieced itself up.  I mostly just concentrated on piecing the flowers.  This is a central hexagon surrounded by 6 contrasting hexagons (the flower petals).

I made a million of these before realizing just how big they were.  I’m planning on surrounding them with green blocks for the leaves and then a black border to seperate each flower.  When stretched out on the floor, this is already going to make a pretty big quilt.

For cutting out the pieced, I used the “From Marti Mitchell” small hexagon templates.  I must say these templates were very easy to use and the holes for marking the dots very accurate.

Even in the car I could mark my blocks and stitch away without having to stop.  The only limitation was the number of blocks I had cut!

This really is a terrific project and I’ll be sure to post pictures and maybe even a movie when I get more organized.

Hand piecing rocks!

Leah Day