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About Leah

Picture of Leah DayMy name is Leah Day to start with. I’m a quilter, crafter, L’Bri skin care consultant, wife, mom, yoga nut, and all around fun person!

I’m an internet marketer as well, and I must say I have a very busy life, but I still manage to find time for myself, my art, and (hopefully!) this blog.

Many things inspire my quilts. I’m still in total awe and wonder over the birth of my son James. It was an amazing experience that I still struggle to portray in my quilts. Capturing that day and time in my life is very essential to me, but also quite difficult.

I use a lot of symbolism in my quilts and have also started branching away from 2-D flat surfaces. I’m experimenting with folded fabric, yarn, and beads on the surface of my quilts. More than anything I want people to want to touch the surface and feel the textures in the fabric.

And this isn’t to say that I don’t sit down and piece a traditional 9 patch every once and awhile. It’s good to have a wide range of talents and I certainly don’t create art quilts just because I can’t piece correctly. Falling back to traditional patterns can be very relaxing and great ways to make simple, inexpensive gifts.

You can also check out my business website at www.leahday.com. It’s called Leah Day Online and it’s a resource for L’Bri products and information on the best skin care line man ever made: L’Bri Pure n’ Natural. (Yes, I am going to plug that to death cause it’s such great stuff!)

You can also check out www.daystyledesigns.com and see my gallery and patterns for sale. I’m always updating with new things so check it often to see if I’ve got something you like!

Have a great day!

Leah Day


6 Responses

  1. wow. i feel like i found a gift! I love to quilt to and face all the same problems. it’s a fun news letter you have. how are you related to chet day?
    cute baby/
    thanks again you made my really stressful night better.

  2. Good Morning Leah!

    I enjoyed visiting your website…Hope you got all your
    material hung up!
    Your little boy was so cute as a banana!
    My two grandchildren came as Spinder Man and a cowgirl!
    They are so cute and growing way too fast!
    I used to make quilted vests and could round up the pattern for you if you like….It is really easy and fun to make!
    My knitting is pretty limited to teddy bear sweaters…the easier the better…Have a nice day!…Karen

  3. Hi Mary and Karen,
    Thanks for the nice comments. I’m Chet Day’s daughter-in-law. You can also check out my blog for women at http://www.leahday.wordpress.com. Quilting is great fun, but I’m never sure if I can explain it well enough in words.

    My little boy James certainly is grow up fast. He’s cutting his second tooth today and on days like these I just can’t wait for him to be 15, quite and moody!

    Thanks for ya’lls enthusiasm! You both certainly made my day!


  4. Have a nice day !

  5. […] If you are a quilter who is afraid to step outside your comfort zone then you really need to read Leah Day’s post Quilting Without Fear. Very inspirational and well written, it is an article that gives me […]

  6. Leah where are you? I just found your blog and I do enjoy your writing but I noticed you haven’t been around for a bit. Also, your etsy link is dead. I hope you write more soon. Loved the Quilting Without Fear post!

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