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The Duchess Has Left the Building

duchesscenterfinThis week I had the feeling of a mother watching her young child leave on his first day of school.  No, my 2 year old isn’t going anywhere, these feelings were for a quilt.

It’s kind of weird that I should be so very attached to a quilt, but after 300 hours, I guess it’s expected!

The Duchess is my first wholecloth whitework quilt that I created from November 2008 until February 2009.  She is quite simply, perfect.

But such beauty really can’t be kept to myself!  I had to show this quilt, I made it to show!

So this week I went to the UPS store and shipped her to the Denver National Quilt Festival, hoping and praying that she gets there safely and comes home fine too.

I almost don’t care what happens at the festival so long as the Duchess comes back in one piece.  Well, almost!  I certainly do what the quilt to do well, but just the fact that it got in is enough for me right now.

So while the Duchess has left the building, I’m reminiscing by watching the video I created while working on her.  This video takes you through from the beginning when the quilt was just a plain piece of muslin, through marking, trapunto, and hand embellishment.

It’s so wonderful to see a beautiful quilt, but it’s even more fun to watch it being made!  Check out this video and larger photos of The Duchess here.


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