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Stitched Stuck

buildingsandwichSo I’m feeling really stuck lately.

Like I’ve just stitched myself to a quilt (though not literally, that would be very painful).

Instead I feel stuck between the skin care business that I’ve slaved away tirelessly on for two years and my new budding quilting business.

Why stuck? Shouldn’t I feel GREAT that I’ve got a ton of work to do in the middle of a horrible recession?

Yeah, in theory, but the grass is definitely greener on the other side.

See, skin care is now taking up a considerable amount of my time.  Scratch that.  ALL OF MY TIME.

Where is the time to quilt and work on my quilting website or videos when I spend all of my time helping people with their oily skin?

Don’t get me wrong I really like helping people with their skin, but I LOVE quilting and really feel drawn and called to quilt daily.  To help people learn to not only quilt, but to quilt amazing things that they never thought they could make.

In looking back over my life of the last 2 years I see that I took the easy path with skin care.  Not that that’s a bad thing, it’s just that I was terrified of failing miserably if I started a business in quilting so instead I went with skin care feeling that if I completely failed I would still be okay.

Now 2 years and a giant dose of self esteem later, I feel more than capable of trying and failing and continuing to try to build a quilting business.  Can’t have some success without some failure.  Heck, you should look at some of the terrible quilting mistakes that I’ve made over the years!

But with no time to devote to a quilting business now, I feel like I’ve been stitched stuck and placed on the edge of a cliff.

I have 2 choices:

1. Stay stuck – Try to pursue both businesses to the same extent and hope that I don’t have a heart attack or wake up in 10 years and find that my son is grown and my husband has left me.

2. Seam Rip Myself Free – As painful (and stupid) as it may sound, severing my connection with skin care would pave my way, and open up my time for starting my quilting business.

Sometimes my path seems so clear and easy, but other times I absolutely don’t know what to do or what direction to go in at all.  For now, at least, I will stay stuck and take each day as it comes.

I think that’s all anyone can do right now.



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