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Problems with The Bottom Line Thread

My bottom line with The Bottom Line Thread?  This thread is not worth the spool it was wound on.

I purchased three spools of The Bottom Line Thread in black, white, and green back in October to finish three quilts.  The first spool of green thread wasn’t so bad.

I managed to get through a full sized quilt, but had to make major adjustments to the tension of the top thread and bobbin to make it work.  I also noticed a big difference when using Embroidery needles verses the Universal 80/12 needles that I usually use.  The thread broke less with the embroidery needles.  Even still, there were more thread problems with that quilt than I would have liked…

Then I started working on this latest quilt.  It’s just a basic Christmas number with black fabric that I wanted to test out my new Juki with.  Unforuntately I can’t seem to dial down the tension enough to make this thread happy.  It keeps shredding!

Needless to say, stopping every 2 minutes to tie off thread that’s shredded itself to bits gets annoying really fast.

Before I go back to tear out my hair a little more, I just want to say this: there’s a point when looking for the thinnest thread gets ridiculous.  My time is better spent FINISHING quilts, not fighting tooth and nail to get them quilted.

Anyone have any suggestions for other threads I should try?

I’m certainly open to suggestions because The Bottom Line is definitely going in the bottom of the trashcan.



One Response

  1. I had problems with Bottom Line when I used it in the top and bottom. I needed a thin thread to blend in the top of some fine stippling and thought the same thread on the bobbin would work. It didn’t. Had the same problem you did. Shredded. I ended up using a heavier bottom thread – go figure. I love Superior Threads, but I’m not thrilled with this line either.

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