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Quilting for Charity

Tonight I joined with other members of Foothills Quilters Guild to make quilts for charity.  It was a really wonderful evening of fellowship.

The quilt that I made was creating using a stitch and flip method of construction.  Instead of using my sewing machine, I serged the whole quilt.  I love this technique because it’s so quick and by the time the piecing is done, the quilt is finished too.

The quilts we made are donated through Kosy Kwilts, an organization that arranges to have the quilts placed in police cars.  When a young child is picked up by the police, he or she can be wrapped in one of our quilts.  It may not do much, I think that the quilts have to extend some measure of comfort.

I rarely quilt for charity, but when I do it does make me feel really good.  It’s also an excellent opportunity to try out new quilting designs or techniques.  A child will not judge your work, nit pick your knots, or hold bad stitches against you.

I thoroughly enjoyed my evening and I even finished this little Christmas quilt while I was there.  I think I will stitch the binding on by hand so that it wears well for the child that receives it.

To warm, loving quilts,

Leah Day


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