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Traditional twist

So I’m off on another quilting tangent it seems.

Last week I stocked up on Shiva paint sticks and king size batting for all of these Christmas quilt I have yet to finish.

This week I’m investing in Pounce iron off marking tools and water soluble thread!

When will this end? When will I have one of everything and not feel the need to buy and buy and buy all this quilting shit?

I don’t think that day will ever come unfortunately.

The good news is I’m really excited about this traditional quilting design I’m working on.  Of course I can’t just go out and buy feather templates, I have to draw my own, individual for the quilt I’m working on.  I also can’t just go with any old traditional pattern, I have to design the entire quilt top on graph paper to the exact dimensions of the quilt.

Sometimes I really hate myself.

But mostly I love the outcomes of these tedious, labor intensive designs.  I’m breaking my pattern of chugging quilts out as fast as possible.  I really want to take my time and make these quilts beautiful.  I also want to practice feathers and trapunto, and what better quilts than some boring Christmas quilts that have no real soul yet?

I could just stipple the hell out of them and call it a day, but am I learning anything by doing that?

Nope – I can stipple in my sleep.

Feathers are tough.  They stretch me.  They also make me a little crazy.

So hopefully the pounce stuff will work out and I’ll be able to transfer the entire design I’ve drawn onto this quilt top and get started quilting it sometime later this week.

Here’s the plan: I found a marking tool, not intended for quilting of course, but it’s a 7/8 diameter wheel with sharp little serrated teeth.  The teeth will punch holes in my paper pattern where I want them and then I’ll wipe the pounce chalk over the pattern and it should transfer to the quilt top below.

I’ve also picked up two of Karen McTavish’s books: Quilting for Show and Secrets to Elemental Quilting.  I’ve realized that I’ve moved beyond the “Fun, Fat Quarters” style books and into a range of advanced design books.  I’m selling a lot of my old books on ebay this week to make money for my new books (god they were expensive).

I love McTavish’s work though, and her tattoos (she has two large feather tattoos on both shoulders). I’m hoping that these books will teach me more about trapunto, and have lots of pretty pictures for me to drool over.

I’ll let you know when they get here!


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