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Find Inspiration Anywhere

While in Southport, NC on vacation, I ate at a little restaurant downtown called The Pharmacy.  This fine dining establishment was actually built in an old pharmacy and still the original wood and ceiling from when it was build.  This is just an example of how you can find inspiration for you quilting in any place, at any time.

Of course, this minimized picture really doesn’t do this ceiling justice, but you can still see the lines and symmetry that form the pattern.  This reminded me so much of traditional whole cloth quilting that I couldn’t help but take a picture.

I especially liked the area around the light fixtures.  The light fixtures themselves weren’t very inspiring, but the ceiling itself more than made up for their lacking.

This is just another example of how taking your camera with you wherever you go can really pay off.  I’m dreaming of a whole cloth quilt in black and blue fabrics using many of these motifs.

I’m also neck deep in thread painting and I doubt I ever surface!  I’ve been working on my block for the Quilting Arts Calendar and have really pushed my own envelope to create something totally different.  Unfortunately I can’t share any pictures because it’s supposed to be an unpublished piece, but I’m brimming with ideas stemming from this experience.


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