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Evil Queen Costume Ideas

I always wanted to create a Halloween costume based on the Evil Queen in Snow White.  The problem I always ran into was her high collar.  This image doesn’t do it justice.  In the movie her collar comes up and halos her head.

When I was in high school I actually wanted to create a gown like this, but since I was already struggling to get a date, I just opted for a normal gown.  Looking back, I probably would have had more fun if I had created the Evil Queen gown and went stag.

Anyway, my idea for this gown will be slightly different from what she is wearing.  The gown beneath will be black and very basic, just a simple princess seamed dress.

The robe will be even more different and similar in shape to the neck thing that priests wear.

This will be a separate piece in black with the high collar rising up around my head.  I’ll use the same Timtex material that’s used in creating those fabric boxes and bowls to make it stiff and stand up around my head.

I was trying to brainstorm last night about a truly evil image to put on the back of the robe.  I’m thinking of two intertwined snakes, rising up the back of the robe.  At the top, one snake looks right and breathes out a mouthful of flame while the other snake breaths out a mouthful of ice.

I really need to stop imaging things while I’m supposed to be going to sleep, but I get such good ideas that I really can’t help myself.  I haven’t incorporated quilting with sewing yet, probably because I’m still recovering from my stint as a seamstress.  I think I’m finally ready to get over it and start making wearable art!


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