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Feeling Blue…

Does your quilting inspiration run in waves?  For some reason I have not been able to work in my studio this week.  I can draw upstairs, design in my bedroom, but walk into my studio feeling oppressed.

The culprit, I think, is my stack of Christmas quilts still waiting to be finished.  I’ve quilted 3 and just run out of steam.  It doesn’t help that I can no longer buy my favorite cheap cotton batting of choice from Wal-mart.

It may also be the half complete landscape quilt that I thought I liked.  Well, I honestly did like it, until I brought it home and J said it was awful.  I decided to finish it anyway and it seems like every single stitch into that quilt is a trial.  There have been lots of visits with Lady Seam Ripper for that project.

But design wise I’m doing great!  I’ve decided to enter the Quilting Arts Calendar Project and have already draw out two potential blocks. I can’t show any images, but suffice it to say, this is going to be a pretty cool project!

It’s a very different thing and I’m a little scared of getting started.  I know that sounds so pathetic, but with the challenges I was experiencing with that darn landscape I’m worried that I’ll just be stitching and ripping and getting frustrated all over again.

I love it when I can get into the groove.  To really jive with the fabric, my Narnia soundtrack, and my bernina, and really let go of everything and just create.

Very often I find, letting go is the hard part.


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