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Vacation Bust

Okay, so you’re all set to go on vacation.  You have your whole studio in a bag and have made room in your car for everything you need to spend a terrific week sewing and stitching your way through your sewing stash.

To find out when you arrive that you don’t have a sewing machine.

Yep, it’s true.  I was depending on my mother to bring my trusty old Viking Prelude 240 out of retirement so I would have a machine to work on while chilling out at the beach.  I should give her credit, she did get the MACHINE to the beach, but no bobbins, foot pedal, or ELECTRICAL CORD to plug the f***ing thing in.

Sorry for the adverse language, but I could have had a terrific vacation if I only my sewing machine hadn’t been rendered into a big plastic box with no purpose except to stub your toe.

It was about as disappointing as being told you’re going to get a puppy and get presented with a hamster instead.

On the positive side, the beach was very pretty and I got lots of great landscape ideas.  I’m really going to start painting a lot of fabric and use the sunsets / sunrises to dictate the rest of the quilt.  I’ll try to get some of the photos I took up so you can see the beautiful sunrise I watched this morning before heading for home.

I’ve also decided to splurge on a quick trip to Asheville, NC for the annual Asheville Quilt Show.  It’s always an excellent show, great vendors, beautiful quilts, and I’ll get the bonus of eating at my favorite sushi restaurant in the world: Zen Sushi.  I’m sure the combination of all these great things in one day will more than make up for my less than stellar vacation!


2 Responses

  1. I hate when my machine is away from me and I felt you pain with the one with no way to operate it. I now have 3 machines so if one is on the blink I can still sew. Take care.

  2. Having a spare is always a good idea. I kept kicking myself because I could just feel that something would go wrong with this vacation and kept looking at my Bernina thinking I should take it anyway.

    Oh well…live and learn!

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