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Sewing machine…on vacation?

So here’s a question for you…can you honestly relax and enjoy yourself on vacation without your sewing machine?

Yeah, those hand piecing and hand quilting quilters have it good for vacations. All they have to do is stuff their work in a bag and their packed.

I’m reduced to taking almost my entire studio, enough fabric to clothe an empire, and more gadgets that I will ever use – just in case I might need them while hanging out on Oak Island, NC this weekend.

Here’s my full list of supplies and goodies for my vacation:

  • Yo yo makers and precut fabric – still chugging on with my yo yo appliqué wallhanging. I hope to get all the blocks finished while stitching on the beach.
  • Scraps, scraps and more scraps – I hope to make some maverick stars and reduce my stash so I can buy more fabric this fall.
  • Cutting board, rotary cutter, and crappy iron – I don’t bother bringing a pressing mat because a folded towel works just fine and means one less thing to bring.
  • Clover bias tape maker, fusible webbing, and fons and porter’s triangle trimmers – these are all items I’ve purchased here and there but never opened. A vacation is the perfect time to pull them out and give em a go!
  • Yardage of black fabric – I’ve learned from experience that no matter what I bring, I almost always want to put the pieces together. The most tried and true color that usually ends up in all of my quilts is black.

My parents are bringing my spare Viking sewing machine back and that’s what I’ll use to stitch while I’m hanging out at the beach house with my family. It’s definitely no the same as my Bernina, but for piecing it works pretty well.

I needed the sewing machine back for the library window display I’m setting up in late August. Can’t believe I used to need two sewing machines and two sergers a couple years ago, but then again, I can’t believe I used to sew 40+ garments a week either. Here’s some photos of the old apartment and the corner of the room I used to sew in:

Anyway, back to vacations…I’m hoping it will be a full moon while I’m at the beach.  I’ve always wanted to get some photos of the moon reflecting on the water.  That reminds me, I’ll need to pack my digital camera too!


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