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Quilting Videos

I quilted on camera! I’ve been doing videos on skin care for Leah Day Online for a long time now, and even did some demos of knitting awhile back, but I’d never filmed myself quilting.

So I was working on some simple Christmas quilts and suddenly realized that someone out in the ether of the internet might like to see how I bind and stipple my quilts.  So I’ve made two videos on binding and one on stippling that you can view here.

The binding videos turned out really well, but that’s such a tricky technique I’ve also written a three part article on it on my main website.

In the process of making these videos, I’ve learned a good amount about filming myself while quilting.  Here are some tips to keep in mind if you want to do this too:

  1. Good lighting is a must.
  2. Try to get as clear a shot as possible.
  3. Use contrasting fabric and thread so people can see your work
  4. Don’t bother filming your face – people are not watching to see you.
  5. Write out your words so you remember to say everything you need to.
  6. Don’t worry about perfection – you can always edit it later!

My videos aren’t very professional, but they will get better in time.  Check out all the quilting and knitting videos I have available to watch right now:

Machine Stippling

How to Attach Quilt Binding by Machine – Part 1

How to Attach Quilt Binding by Machine – Part 2

Learn How to Knit – Part 1

Learn How to Knit – Part 2

Learn How to Knit – Part 3


One Response

  1. Thank you for yr blog, yr posts & yr videos! I am going to (try!) make a quilt for my kids. I learn to sew on my own, I have never quilted so I need all the tips & help. We live in Tokyo so language is a major problem for me. As in, I can’t ask questions from the people I buy fabrics supplies from. Thank goodness for Youtube & Internet! Have a good day!

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