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How to Draw Goddesses, Women, Witches, and Crones

Goddesses are a terrific image to design. Think about the figure of a woman. What better pallet for creativity than the many forms a woman’s body can take, from youthful sprite to aged crone? Our bodies too present a plethora of shapes and angles just dying to be captured in art.

The thing I love most about drawing women is the beauty in each one. No matter the apparent flaws the goddess may have, the female figure is simply beautiful. It’s wonderful to start with a subject so easy from the very start!

For most of my designs I begin with an idea. It can be from anything or anywhere, but usually an idea will just pop in my head fully formed. It’s good to have a solid image in your mind to work with so you close your eyes and “see” the design as you draw it out.

The picture above is the very first goddess I ever designed. I had been thinking a lot at the time about the earth and pollution and what mother earth would feel if she could see what we’ve done to her world. Out of that brooding came this design.

Mother Earth Cross Stitch Pattern

She is meant to represent elemental things with the colors I chose for her different body parts: her hair is fire, her arms water and plants, her rough face is the earth, and her tail is cycle of life. In her arms is a potted plant that represents the earth that is withered and dead. She is crying over it, mourning for her lost child.

Sometimes I feel silly for making up such a story about a design, but it really helps in the design process to have a story like that. Stories give meaning, but can also help with design issues like color, texture, and scale. As you can see “Mother Earth” was created as a cross-stitch design, but never completed. Eventually I will take this goddess and capture her again in a quilt.

Mother Earth Cross Stitch Pattern

I think in fabric she will truly come to life!

Leah Day


2 Responses

  1. wow you’re amazing thanks you helped a lot

  2. wow thanks u helped a lot!!!!! u’re amazing lots of feeling in your art!

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