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Learn to Purl Video

Here’s a video of how to perform the purl stitch. With knitting there are two main stitches: knitting and purling. When you combine the two (knit one row, purl one row) you get stockinette stitch.

Some tips I couldn’t include in the video:

Typically I hold my needles and yarn differently (I never wrap the yarn around the right needle, it’s really more of a picking action with the needle itself), but for the video my thumbs kept getting in the way. Check out some books from your library and study the pictures too. It never hurts to have several examples of the same stitch.

Work slow: In the beginning you are mostly learning how to hold your needles and getting comfortable using them as tools in your hands.

Work even: Your main goal at this point is to be able to cast on 15 stitches, purl for a few rows, and still have the 15 stitches you started with.

The best needles to start with are size 10 1/2. I prefer the short sized (only about 10″ long) acrylic needles. They’re lightweight and have good sharp tips. (I used wooden needles in the video because the acrylic might have had a glare).

Start with cheap, single color yarn. I like worsted weight acrylic. It’s readily available and makes large, even stitches that are easy to see.

Practice makes perfect! Have fun with casting on, knitting, and purling!


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