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Working to be Inspired

Inspiration is not as easy as it sounds. I’m sure you know lots of creative people that seem to always have the latest and greatest idea. It seems like they just have a gift for it. It can be frustrating to see other people come up with so many cool projects while you struggle to even put pen to paper.

I struggle with this too. It’s like I get into a slump and I have to work to be inspired. I’ve found that I tend to slip into these phases when I haven’t done my upkeep. Upkeep is just what it sounds like: maintaining a tidy workspace, mind, and heart.

So often my work suffers because I just can’t deal with a messy sewing room. I walk in, see the mess, and walk back out feeling abused. I just don’t feel like cleaning, I feel like creating, but all the creative energy I had when I walked into the room just got sucked out when I realized the mess I’d have to work in.

When my mind is cluttered and buzzing I’m usually angry. Those are the days I go outside and plant bulbs or paint a cabinet. Anger is not a terrible thing, but it’s not inspiring. When I walk into my sewing room angry I usually start cleaning. The physical activity combined with the visual confirmation that I’ve done some work will usually soothe my anger.

My heart is where my creativity stems from. I close my eyes and rest my hand over my heart and ask myself the question “what is here?” I don’t always get an answer, sometimes I get a picture, but more often than not I see what’s bothering me. Petty arguments, resentment, fear, and anger can color my hearts creativity. Letting them go and working with a clean heart is the key to inspiration.


2 Responses

  1. oh Leah…don’t get down about it. If you clear up the clutter in your sewing room, everything else falls into play with your creativity.

    I’m rooting for you! Break it down into baby steps. Dedicate 20 minutes every morning and within a week, your creativity will soar.

    With friendship,

  2. You’re absolutely right Lisa! So long as we work a little each day the job won’t seem that big.

    Sometimes I just don’t do the small upkeeps. I’m either too busy, too tired, or too excited about a project to spend the time to clean up my space. It’s those times that I get bogged down because who wants to clean up that big of a mess?

    That’s when I need a knock out day when I walk in and feel pumped up to clean the whole thing at once. And it doesn’t have to be perfect, just clean enough to find my table!

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