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Crazy Quilting Quickly

Crazy Quilt made by Leah DayI love crazy quilts. They’re fun, easy, and can rip through a scrap stash in no time. My mother-in-law has been saving bandannas for me for more than a year. Every time she gets her dog washed, Pepper comes home with a fabric bandanna tied around her neck. The fabrics were so cute that Ellen couldn’t bear to throw them away.

Now, not all of these fabrics are good quality 100% cotton, so they wouldn’t have faired well in a quilt that needed to be precisely cut and pieced. Polyester fibers stretch and sqew too easily for that type of piecing. Fortunately, crazy quilting using this technique eliminates the need for precision so you can use any type of fabric on hand. The one thing you want to watch out for is ironing. You can burn fabric blends very easily if your iron is set too hot.

Crazy Quilt Demo PicSo lets get started. First you need to cut out the back ground for your blocks. You can use any fabric you have on hand, so long as it is 100% cotton. I choose white muslin for its cheapness. So once you cut out a mess of blocks (size is really up to you), then you need to cut out a mess of strips. Cut up your crazy quilt fabric in 2″ to 3″ strips. If your using scraps, just make sure everything is around 2″ to 3″. Any smaller and you’ll be sewing all night!Crazy Quilt Demo Pic

Start laying out the scraps on the background block. Once you see the way you want them, start with the two in the middle. Holding the pieces right sides together, sew a seam through the whole stack of fabric (background included). If your scraps have rough edges, draw the seam line on the fabric so your stitching line is straight.

Crazy Quilt Demo PicNow flip the top fabric over and iron the two pieces flat. Proceed sewing on more and more scraps until the whole background block is covered. Trim the rough edges and make sure your block finished out at the size you want.

Once you have several blocks pieced, arrange them on a wall or the floor to find a nice arrangement. Piece the blocks together using a 1/4 inch seam. With how speedy these crazy quilts go together you can make one every day!

See more quilts and fun projects at www.leahday.com!


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