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Judy Simons Lecture

I had a wonderful quilt guild meeting last night. The speaker was Judy Simons, a famous quilter from North Carolina. The lecture was on fabric printing, how to use an ink jet printer to print pictures onto fabric.

I was amazed to learn that you aren’t limited to printing on only 100% cotton. Turns out you can print on just about anything, so long as you stabilize it properly with either freezer paper, card stock, or fusible web.  Using different fabrics creates differences in how your prints come out. I especially liked the way silk noil printed.  The nubby texture made the picture less grainy and more interesting.

Another great thing to learn is that these techniques aren’t limited to photographs of your great Aunt Mildred. Judy Simons really opened the door to creativity by showing us fabrics with pictures of handwriting, newsprint, enlarged fingerprints, gardens, rusted objects.  Even pictures of stairwells made great printed fabric!

Judy Simons struck me as a very wonderful person and a really good teacher.  If I ever get the opportunity to take a class with her I will!


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