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No Time to Stitch

My quilting time has been really limited in the last few weeks. I’ve just launched my skin care business, my quilting website is taking off, and oh yeah, did I mention I have an 8 month old? I like being this busy, but it hasn’t left me much time to quilt, which is what I like to do best.

My lack of stitching time may also be due to my lack of inspiration. I’ve recently started making yoga bags, which are fun and a great way to make extra money, but they’re definitely lacking when it comes to creative energy. I feel like I’m back to being a seamstress: sew seam A, B, C, turn, iron, fold up, on to the next one.

I’m also finding it frustrating that when I actually make a quilt, get it all ready and finished, I’m either so attached to it I don’t want to sell it, or I’m so sick of the damn thing I want to throw it away. There really isn’t any balance is there?

Mother Nature in cross stitchWhat I really want to be doing is designing. I’ve got several ideas buzzing around in my head for quilts with women as the main focus. Call them goddesses if you like, but they are just women to me. Beautiful, strong, fiery women. Maybe I’ll play hooky from my computer today and go draw one.

Here’s a picture of mother nature I designed for cross stitch several years ago. I never finished her in this project, but maybe in a quilted wall hanging she would really fly.

Off to my design wall…



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