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Learn to Cast On

I recently made this video for my website and thought I would share it here as well. I tried my best to go really slow to show how this works. My thumbs kept getting in my way, but overall I think the video turned out okay.

Here’s some written out instructions too:

Note: I talk a lot about which piece of the yarn is on top. I’m not meaning that you suddenly have two pieces of yarn. What I mean is when you take a piece of yarn and make a circle, there is one end of the yarn to the back and one to the front. Mostly this doesn’t matter, but now it does, so carefully watch and read to make sure your yarn is positioned properly.

Tying a slipknot – Take the end of your yarn and come up about 8 inches. Make a circle and have the end of the yarn to the back. Make a loop with that end and pull it through the front of the circle. Pull on both strings to tighten the knot.

Casting On – This is a very simple cast on. You can find more methods in any knitting book or guide, but it’s the simplest as far as learning goes. Always knit after this cast on as purling can be tricky with it. To start have your slipknot ready and put it on a needle and into your left hand. Pick up the yarn and make a loop with the end closest to the yarn ball on top. Put this loop on your needle so that the string wraps over the front of the needle to the back and then under the needle and yarn.

Happy knitting!


One Response

  1. thanks so much!!! knitting is really easy once you get the hang of it. but, you should make a binding off video. well, bye.

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