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Don’t Label Yourself!

Life and Fire QuiltIn the Winter of 2007 I began drawing women. I was pregnant at the time and felt very much in tune with my body. This oneness led me to draw, and then quilt, designs that I would normally have never tried.

I’ve never been very girly and drawing these women felt tantamount to designing goddesses, something I certainly wasn’t into at the time. It’s not that I was against that sort of thing, it was just that I felt “those artists” and me were worlds apart.

And so life evolves…

Now I realize that you don’t have to be a certain “type” of anything at all. If I want to draw women and call them goddesses one day and then witches the next, that is perfectly fine. If I want to only draw trees for six months, that is perfectly fine. I find that I can get bogged down with what I think I should be creating.

There are no rules and putting a label on your work will just define it to what it is, not what it can grow to be.


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