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Solution to the Photo Problem

So I think I’ve found the solution to my photographing problem. I was struggling to take decent pictures of my quilts that looked good as thumbnail sized pics. All the photos I took turned out off kilter, dim, or just plain bad.

So I’ve decided to hang a curtain rod just for my picture taking quilts. My guest bedroom doesn’t get much use, so I’m stretching a bar across one wall. This hanging rob will hang high enough that I can photograph most quilts on the wall, but low enough that I don’t have to drag a chair into the room every time I want to use it.

I was also needing a place to sketch designs and have decided that this wall will do great for that job too. I buy the really big pads of graph paper (the grids are 1 inch square) and I tape pieces together to make my designs.

The problem is finding a place to sketch. I like to draw a bit, step back, walk away, come back, etc and doing this around a bed can get difficult. I’ve decided to make do with this space and hopefully I won’t trip over the bed too much!

Off to hang my rod…


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