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View From The Porch

Landscape QuiltView From The Porch

This quilt was created in the spring of 2006 for the Alliance for American Quilts “Roof Over Your Head” quilting contest.

This was the very first quilt I created using Ann Holmes’s “No Sew Till You Quilt It” method of piecing. I had just seen her demonstrate the technique at a round robin quilt guild meeting and I ran home just ready to try it out for myself.

Before this time I pieced everything the old fashioned way. Precision cutting and piecing is okay if you’re doing squares and rectangles, but curved piecing was still very intimidating to me.

Basically using Ann’s technique I was able to draw a design, cut out the fabric, and the put the pieces back together again over a piece of fusible web like a puzzle. That’s why I prefer to call it “Puzzle Quilting”.

So using this technique I created a design that fit within the contests rules. I was living in the mountains at the time and liked the idea of doing a landscape. As the idea evolved I began to picture myself standing on a porch, looking out over the mountainous landscape. My real life front porch looked out onto a garden and a driveway at the time. Not exactly picturesque!

Overall the design came out great and I was very pleased with the end result of this quilt. One of these days I’ll make another for my husband because he liked this little quilt the best.


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